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1. If you are going to join the site, please choose an appropriate username. If I find your username to be inappropriate, I will give you one warning. If it happens again, you will be banned from the forum.

2. Post appropriately. There are fans of all ages on the forum, so please no curse words/foul language.

3. No Spam. If you are continuously spamming (posting several times) the forum with links, such as your Twitter url, instagram, etc., you will be given one warning. If I see it happening again, you will be banned.

4. Please create relevant titles. If you're excited about an Avery concert, don't title your post "OMG! :D", instead try something like "Excited for Avery's Concert!"

5. Don't double post. Please don't post twice in a row in the same thread. Instead, edit your post.

6. Don't pose as Avery, her friends, or her family. This goes for people that claim to be dating Avery as well. If Avery, her family, or her friends are on the forum, I will let you know. If it has not been stated by me, or by Avery through her Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, you are most likely talking to a poser.

7. No inappropriate graphics in your signature. As I mentioned before, this is a forum for fans of all ages. If I find an image to be inappropriate, I will remove it and kindly ask you to refrain from posting graphics like that. If it continues, you will be banned.

8. Do not give out personal information. We want to keep everybody on the forum as safe as possible. You never know who someone actually is through the internet, so please don't give out your phone number, address, your school name, etc. We recommend not using your full name on the forum, because that's really all it takes for a stalker to find out everything about you. Use your first name or a nickname.

9. Please no chain mail through personal messages. We don't want to freak other members out because they may take them seriously and get paranoid. If you receive this type of message, report it and we'll talk to that person.

10. Please be kind and courteous to all members. If I see any bullying happening, you will automatically be banned. I want this to be a fun place for ALL fans of Avery.

11. Do not post download links to Avery's songs (or any artist's songs) other than iTunes versions. This is ILLEGAL. The posting of illegal song files will result in an immediate warning and possible expulsion from the forum, if it continues. I don't want anybody on the forum to get themselves into an ugly legal dispute with a record label.

If you abide by all these rules, you may proceed to post in the forum.
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