February 28
Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do Cover

Shot and edited by Kenahn Ghazel and Daniela Banikova
Produced by Jon Callender

You can buy it on iTunes by clicking here.

February 12
New Music Video: Hey Cupid

November 29
New Music!

Avery uploaded two new songs, “Just A Little Bit” and “Ain’t Got Me” to her SoundCloud. If you’ve been a fan of Avery for a while, you will recognize her songs from her 2011 update video.

November 29
Steal My Girl (Bae) – One Direction

Here’s the link to buy the song on itunes! 🙂

Video Shot by Nicole Kazan
Video Edited by Avery

November 17
New Song “Sex With You”

Wrote this funny little tune, and thought I would make a funny little video to go with it…hahahahahaha 😀 hope ya’ll enjoy!

Video starring: Avery as singer/girlfriend of the player guy, Acacia Brinley as the other girlfriend of the player guy, Jon Duckworth as THE player guy, and fellow random citizens as the official dick/banana snappers.

Song written by: Avery, Khris Lorenz, and Sydnie Brazile
Song Produced by: Khris Lorenz

August 30
New Song “Stronger” (It’s Not Over)

Video Credits:
Directed by – Rhapsody James
Produced by – Rachel Noelle & Aton Ben-Horin
Edited by – Chris Grieder & Rhapsody James
Vocals – Avery
Piano – Michaela Eremiasova
Guitar – Jordan White
Violin – Peter Waldman

Music Credits:
Written by Avery, Aton Ben-Horin, Colin OBrien, Dave Cox, Dan Beddingfield, and Zach Hunt.
Produced by Aton Ben-Horin from The Agency
Vocals – Avery
Piano – Gary Corolla
Guitars & String arrangement – Aton Ben-Horin

May 6
Avery’s New Song ‘Ahead Of Your Time’ Assures Everything Will Be Alright

Avery‘s new song “Ahead of Your Time,” speaks on behalf of most people.

Sit tight and everything will be alright. Anna also known as Avery, started a YouTube page a few years ago. She is now, a signed artist, and works with Plush Studios. She’s also scored record deals with Universal Music and Def Jam Recordings. Congratulations Avery. Her YouTube page has over 200,000 subscribers.

Yesterday (May 4), Avery released a music video for her new track titled “Ahead of Your Time.” The up-beat and motivational song can touch many people.

The singer and songwriter sings in her new track,

“so let ‘em talk, but they’re gonna see it. When you’re amazing, they won’t believe their eyes. You’re just ahead of your time.”

Source: Popdust

May 4
New Song: Ahead Of Your Time

You can download Ahead Of Your Time by clicking here.

December 21
Twerking Around The Ratchet Tree – PARODY

We recently made the big move to Los Angeles all on our own, and are experiencing a life where we have to pay our own bills. Living off pop tarts, and making a christmas tree out of duct tape because that is the cheapest way. Some may call us ratchets…and maybe we are. But we are just a couple of gals twerkin our hearts out, trying to have a laugh and make the best of this crazy life.

Starring: Avery and Nicole Kazan
Song Written by: Avery
Vocals: Avery
Video Shot and Produced by: Brandon Drahos