January 18
Avery Returns with “American Idiot” Cover by Green Day

The first time I heard Green Day’s “American Idiot” I was 10 years old. It was the first time I realized that not only did I want to be an artist, but that I wanted to make music with purpose. That night I wrote my first song. Somewhere along the way between then and now, I became so caught up in chasing views and followers, that I unintentionally left behind my purpose. I’ve taken a break from postings songs lately, because I wanted to return to posting songs I feel passionately about. Green Day originally released “American idiot” to call out the media for crossing the line between journalism and reality TV. Now, ironically, we’ve elected a reality TV/Twitter star to be our President. We’ve learned that social media is an incredibly effective tool, which Trump used to get ahead in this election. What we need to remember now though, is that this is OUR weapon to use as well. Yes, Trump won the election, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t still have a voice. Trump winning the presidency has started a huge conversation on social media. We as Americans need to remember to keep this conversation going, and not get distracted by the next wave of trending topics. I did not put this song out because I didn’t get my way in this election. I put it out to say WAKE UP AMERICA. The President of the United States may not agree with your views, but your voices still need to be heard. Don’t go silent. Come together, and in high numbers. Together we can’t be ignored.


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